Gentle Yoga CLASSES

Ease into a variety of yoga poses in this slower-paced class. This class is ideal for anyone wanting to work on stress release, flexibility and balance, gradually and comfortably.

Early morning yoga awakens and stimulates the body. A mix of flowing vinyasa forms and hatha postures to bring vitality into the body. Through this practice, we'll build strength, flexibility and awareness.

Wind down your day with soft music, meditative breathing, gentle moving and plenty of relaxation all while bathed in warm candlelight. This practice will use blankets and bolsters to help support participants in seated or reclining poses focusing on breath, rest and relaxation. A perfect end to any day!


Learn the foundations of yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Postures are held for an extended period to ensure proper alignment and build strength and flexibility.

A balanced class focusing on deep body awareness through the holding of postures, flowing from one to another. Prior Hatha experience encouraged.


Enjoy the benefits of this meditative class designed to restore your energy, relax the mind and prompt healing.

Unlike other yoga styles, you will practice 2-3 yoga postures where you will experience stillness as the body releases tension. All postures are done on the floor with the use of various props to faciliate a deep state of relaxation which induces recovery and healing at the physical and mental/emotional levels. Class starts with a gentle warmup and follows with suported (restorative) postures which include guided relaxation, breathing and/or visualization.

Allow the stress in your body to simply melt away! Bolsters, blankets and other props will be used to support you in a variety of reclined or seated poses focused on complete and total relaxation.

After an intense bout of exercise, foam rolling can be an effective therapeutic modality to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) while enhancing the recovery of muscular performance. Foam rolling can increase flexibility and circulation (blood flow and oxygen), remove muscle tension, improve performance, reduce stress, and even reduce cellulite by restoring tissue elasticity. By increasing circulation, the tissues will ultimately heal faster, which will allow you to move onto your next workout in a faster manner and in better condition.

Restorative yoga is ideal for anyone wanting to work on stress-release. Props (bolsters, blankets, rollers or blocks) are incorporated to support participants in seated or reclining poses focusing on relaxation, breath and flexibility. Married with the myofascial release obtained from foam rolling, this class is the perfect way to recover after an intense workout.

Unlock your body's potential in this transformative practice. Poses flow from one to the next, building both strength and flexibility.

Challenge yourself with this athletic Yoga format focused on building strength and endurance, quickly moving from one pose to another, linking your breath to the different movements of your body.

Experience in Hatha and Vinyasa recommended.


    Lay the foundation for a lifelong yoga practice with detailed instruction on posture alignment and yoga poses and sequences to counteract posture imbalances. Release neck and shoulder tightness, strengthen your core and relieve back pain. Improve body awareness, stretch, strengthen, realign and revitalize your body. The philosophy of yoga is gently woven into the practice. Time is taken to notice how both breathing and poses release tension from the muscles and mind so that you can find ease, steadiness and joy.


    This all-levels practice is designed to improve digestive health and function through gentle movements aimed to repair abdominal posture, build belly fluidity, strengthen core muscles and work with the energy systems within the body to bring our guts back into balance and deepen our mind-body connection.


"Yoga for Better Movement is excellent! Relieved my back pain."

Yoga Participant

“Just took Adrianna’s Yoga for Better Movement, I feel balanced, strong, relax and straighter. Please have her teach multiple days a week. I’ll run back to all her classes throughout the week, which will make me so healthy. Thank you!"

Yoga Participant