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This class is designed as an 8-week challenge to make real changes to your body. Designed in order to make significant body composition changes, this class is great for people that are trying to lose fat, trying to put on muscle or just get a kick-butt workout. A challenging mix of high intensity strength training, muscle building and cardiovascular exercise, this class is not for the faint of heart.


8-person maximum. Enrollment required.

Free Bootcamp trial workout offered; contact our Fitness Manager to schedule.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
10:00–10:55 AM
Freidenrich Community Park
$275 Members only

Frequently asked questions

  • Recently completed physical therapy clients who are interested in safely reengaging with exercise
  • Older adults and/or those with gait imbalance
  • Those with posture-related pain or dysfunction
  • Preparation for upcoming surgery or rehab
  • If you're in pain and not sure where to start
  • Those with athletic/sports performance improvement goals

Beginning with a 55-minute assessment, your Corrective Exercise Specialist will take you through a series of movements and a wellness questionnaire to learn more about your unique deviation, injury or imbalance. As needed, we will partner with your physician team, physical therapist and/or chiropractic doctors, to design a prescription for success. You will then be supported with step-by-step techniques on how to holistically move Properly to improve, correct or change the movement that is creating deviation, injury or imbalance. Our Corrective Exercise program was developed using the very latest education available for fitness, personal training and physical therapy practitioners.

This master's level coaching approach will open the door to many possibilities: not just moving pain-free but confidently setting greater life and fitness goals.

  • Identify types of exercises that can be used to improve common musculoskeletal imbalances
  • Explain what self-myofascial release techniques are and when to use them
  • Understand how stretching exercises can be used to increase mobility and range of movement
  • Evaluate when to introduce strengthening exercises into corrective exercise programs to help clients move correctly and without discomfort
  • Implement exercise regression and progressions as appropriate to a person's abilities

Corrective Exercise Assessment (55 minutes): $140 Members | $165 General Public
Corrective Exercise Sessions (55 minutes): $130 Members | $155 General Public
10-session Recurring Discount Package: $1235 Members only

Location: Richard and Rhoda Goldman Sports and Wellness Complex (Bldg A)

Times: Sessions offered at a variety of times.

Contact: Fitness Manager | fitness@paloaltojcc.org

Enrollment required.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 16–April 4
Next Session Starts April 9
12:00–12:55 PM
Freidenrich Community Park
Free (first time taking the course) | $150 to repeat the course with discounted fitness membership
Contact: Bonnie Patrick | (650) 223-8719 | fitness@paloaltojcc.org



TRX Suspension training straps use your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. TRX is a friendly and versatile training tool for all
fitness levels and creates a fun and efficient workout experience. Certified TRX Instructor and OFJCC Personal Trainer, Kristin Lynn, will be taking you through the fundamentals of safely using the equipment while teaching proper form and movement of seven standard exercises on the TRX.

Only 4 spots available per month. Enrollment required.

Wednesdays, March 6, April 10, May 1
11:00–11:55 AM
Free for Members | $60 General Public
Contact: Fitness Manager | fitness@paloaltojcc.org

8-person maximum. Enrollment required.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, ongoing
4:30–5:25 PM
Freidenrich Community Park
Monthly Fee: $420 General Public | Includes full access to indoor and outdoor OFJCC Fitness Center on the day of class. | Expires 30 days from purchase.
$220 Members | Expires 30 days from purchase.
Drop in: $50 per workout
Free first class trial
Drop-in Virtual Punch Card for Members Only: $30 per workout | 5 session minimum | Expires 90 days from purchase.

To schedule your FREE trial workout or join a monthly program, please email our Fitness Manager at Fitness@paloaltojcc.org or call (650) 223-8719.

Enrollment required.

Mondays and Wednesdays,
9:30–10:25 AM
Freidenrich Community Park
First workout is free
Entire Series: $220 Members | $420 General Public
Per Workout (Pre-registration required): $35 Members | $60 General Public
Questions/Register by emailing our Fitness Manager at fitness@paloaltojcc.org.